Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Aftermath

Nurse sent me an email acknowledging she had promised to allow me to look over the plan, and assuring me I still could and I still could and nothing had been finalized.  She was waiting to have it typed.  (I find this amazing-- I very seldom give Administrative Assistant something to type.  I may give her a document with handwritten edits, but I find it much easier to write on the computer.)  She had given the staff (and trained them) on a handwritten plan and told them it wasn't final.  I find that amazing.  You train them on something that may or may not be right?

The individual who typed it emailed me the plan.  I read over it and sent it back with lots of comments.  I found it confusing and very poorly written.  It started by talking about syringes which Daughter won't be using at program, only at bedtime for her long-acting insulin.  The instructions for handling low blood sugars was incorrect.  There was no mention of the afternoon blood sugar check that they had questions about.  I know she received my edits, because she sent out an email to the group stating that she had them and now was waiting to hear from the dietitian.  Interestingly, apparently she didn't tell the dietitian the in service was taking place either, because she sent an email expressing surprise that it had already taken place. 

Nurse claimed she was trying to appease everyone and would never bypass me.  (Interesting, since she just did.)  It will be interesting to see what she does with  my edits.  I was tempted to rewrite the entire document, but refrained.  Nurses tend not to like me very much, probably because I know more about Daughter's diabetes than they do.  I don't think they can be experts on diabetes without additional specialized training, and they know much more than I do in other areas.  My experience has been, though, that the nurses connected with programs Daughter is in are not comfortable with my expertise.  I always tell them I'm not an expert on diabetes in general, just Daughter's particular diabetes.

Daughter goes back to the program on Monday, and at this point she will be going without a finalized plan.  Sigh.  Maybe we can get it finalized by the following Monday....

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