Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wrong Tactic

I slept in this morning, and have done nothing today, unless you count watching college football as something.  Daughter called before 7:00 this morning, waking me up.  I was not very receptive.  It was a short conversation, and I went back to sleep.   This afternoon I acknowledged to her that I did not go to the game because I'm not feeling well.  She cried about missing me so much and wanting to come today.  I assured her she could manage without me.  I'm surprised she didn't try telling me she wanted to come take care of me since I'm not feeling well.  Of course, she still might try that before the evening is over....

Saturday is hard on her.  She doesn't do well with unstructured time.  They didn't have an outing planned for today, apparently.  She said they went to the grocery store, but that was all.  She has a keyboard, TV, DVD/VCR and a variety of art supplies in her room.  She just has a hard time entertaining herself.  It's one of the reasons I refuse to allow her to quit her program.  She has to have structure.

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