Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleeping In

I slept in today.  It felt good.  I've been very lazy today.  That also feels good.  I have a number of things I need to get done this week, some of which can't be put off-- like getting ready to teach my class and checking out the camping gear we haven't used in 3 years.  But I decided I can have a lazy day.  It's allowed.  After all, I am on vacation. 

Daughter called a little while ago.  She has grown so much.  My mantra, "I have confidence in your ability to figure it out," has had an impact.  I no longer get the crisis, "come rescue me" calls.  She was frustrated with a staff member, but she'd figured it out.  I'm proud of her. 

I got an email today about happenings back in Tiny Village.  Sometimes, they are hard to read.  But just as Daughter can figure things out on her own, so can they. 

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