Monday, June 11, 2012


Two meetings tonight.  An all day meeting tomorrow.  The good news is that after this week I won't have many more meetings before vacation begins.  While for the most part the meetings are worthwhile, I will be glad for the break.  In one of tonight's meeting a man who has been overwhelmingly negative acknowledged that we have done a good job and made progress on one of our goals.  I don't think he complained the entire meeting.  Things are going well at the church, and it's good to see the progress.  Of course, as our ministries grow, so do the meetings involved. 

In addition to the meetings, today was a day of pastoral conversations.  I think I had 6 or 7.  All of them were good.  With all the meetings and all the conversations, though, I didn't accomplish my other goals.  I was trying to listen to a podcast about this Sunday's Scripture lessons.  I think I had to restart it 3 or 4 times because I kept getting interrupted.  That's okay, though.  As a wise old pastor once said, the interruptions are our ministry.  Lots of ministry going on today. 

Daughter had a good day, too.  The two conversations I had with her were both upbeat.  She called a couple of other times, but I was busy and told her she'd have to call back.  She doesn't like to hear me say that, but she does understand.  Life is good. 

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