Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cardiologist and Camp

I saw the cardiologist this morning.  He said my tests didn't show any problems.  I'm grateful.  I don't have to go back. 

Daughter leaves for camp Monday.  She's getting rather anxious about it.  I received a message this morning telling me she couldn't live at her house anymore because the women were driving her crazy.  Earlier this week it was her program that had to change.  She is very much in the moment, and when she gets frustrated, she immediately demands a change.  I'm pondering if I can convince her to wait some period of time before demanding a change.  I ignore her requests, because I know they reflect momentary frustration.  I'm not so sure Case Manager has figured that out yet.  I responded to this morning's text by telling her it was good she'd get a break when she went to camp, and that we all need breaks occasionally.  She hasn't replied, probably because by the time I was free to respond it was no longer an issue.  Sigh. 

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