Friday, June 22, 2012


I went into the office today to finish some things up.  I had forgotten to get information to the lay leader for worship Sunday.  I had some paperwork to fax to my insurance company about Daughter.  I sent my broken GPS to amazon and hope to get a gift card for it.   I convinced Daughter that violence wasn't a good response to people her

And I worked on the memorial service for Monday.  It's not quite done, but I made good progress.  Administrative Assistant did some research and gave me some dates about marriages and deaths (the deceased was twice widowed). She also called the funeral home and got directions to the cemetery around the construction on the main route into this neighboring suburb.  We are doing the interment before the memorial service.  Of all the funerals I've done here, only once has the funeral director called me to confirm my availability and go over arrangements.  I find that very frustrating. 

I'm all ready for Sunday, with my material printed out and in the notebook.  I have to finalize the memorial service, but it's almost done, so it shouldn't take too long.

We have begun having coffee available before worship.  We figured out that I could plug it in on Sunday morning since I'm the first one there.  We also figured out that  Treasurer could set it up when he's in the office on Friday.  At first he'd stick a post-it note on my study door to remind me to plug it in.  A couple of weeks ago I told him it wasn't necessary, I had done it enough I would remember without the note.  Daughter was disappointed the note wasn't there.  I explained to her that Treasurer and I had decided I could remember without the note.  She was not convinced.  I told him about our conversation, so last week there was a note on my study door asking Daughter to please remind me to plug in the coffee.  She was delighted.  There's another note on the door for her this weekend.  She will be pleased.  I reminded him that he'll have to get someone else to plug it in for the 4 weeks I'm gone....

Daughter is bugging to come here tomorrow.  I told her I'd probably pick her up after supper.  I don't have to be up quite as early on Sunday if she is here. 

I intentionally didn't pack the things I need for the conference yet.  I'll need to lock up the church on Monday, and I don't want to rush everyone out.  I will retreat to my study and gather my things for the conference while the people are visiting after the service.  We aren't having a meal, just a reception.  I won't worry about how long they are staying if I have some minor things to do to keep me busy in the study. 

I'm almost on vacation.  Almost....

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