Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Don't Worry, Your Brain Will Be back Tuesday."

Administrative Assistant has been on vacation this past week.  She was back in the office for one week before she left again.  This morning before church I was getting questions and such, and one of the women comforted me with, "Don't worry, your brain will be back on Tuesday."  While I do have a brain without AA, it doesn't function as well as it does when she is here.   I am very blessed to be able to work with her. 

I took Daughter home a little while ago.  It was another very good visit.  She has matured so much.  This morning she packed up my computer while I was doing hair and make-up.  I like it when she takes the initiative to do something that she knows needs to be done.  Yesterday she cleaned out the insulin pouch without me asking and got it ready for us to go out. 

She will be here for the choir picnic this year.  Last year she missed it because she was at camp.  One of the women told Daughter she would be willing to pick her up and bring her to the picnic.  I'm grateful. 

AA will be back in the office on Tuesday, but I won't be in the office because I have an all day meeting.  Two more sermons and my vacation begins.  I'll be ready!

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