Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Growth

Daughter called me a little while ago.  She went to the thrift shop today, and bought some things she'll need for camp next week, including a swimsuit and flash light.  I'm impressed, and grateful that I don't have to purchase them.  She continues to run hot and cold.  Yesterday she was upset about minutiae.  Today, we're having more adult conversations without attempts to manipulate. 

I told her about the skunk that's been hanging around the house, and she was interested in my schedule.  She wasn't insisting I come rescue her.  In fact, she sent me a wonderful text this morning:

"How is your day going? you were right. with your love i would have a good day. thank u mom and god bless you."

It's wonderful to see her acknowledging my support.  I haven't wasted my time. 

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