Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daughter's Growth

Daughter decided she did want to spend the day with me yesterday, so I picked her up, and we had a good day seeing the sights here in town.  She has grown and matured so much.  She was patient, didn't make demands-- in fact, I don't think she asked me to buy her anything all day.  It was a long day, and she didn't complain at all.  There were some things we had planned to do that we didn't get to do, and she was okay with that. 

She is needing less direction from me.  I don't have to remind her to do things.  This morning she packed her stuff and got it into the car without me saying a word.  She has lost enough weight that some of her jeans were falling down, so she brought some home a couple of weeks ago.  I promised her I'd put elastic in the back waist band to make them fit better.  I haven't finished them yet, and she hasn't complained.  In fact, she told me not to worry about it, there wasn't any rush. 

She really is doing well, and I'm proud of her progress.  She will be going back to the adult special needs camp a week from tomorrow.  She's very excited about it, and has requested help figuring out what she needs to pack.  Life is good. 

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