Sunday, June 17, 2012


I'm now on the countdown to vacation.  One more Sunday.  Next Sunday we're doing one of my infamous dramatic Proclamations of the Word.  The text is the story of David and Goliath, and David, King Saul, and David's older brother, Eliab, will all offer their thoughts on the story.  I recruited my actors, and we had a rehearsal this afternoon.  This morning our AV guy told me he'd ordered a new piece of equipment, a splitter.  At some point we figured out that it was nice to turn the rear screen into a teleprompter.  To do that now, we have to have someone freeze the front two projectors, which can be a bit tricky.  AV guy thinks this will make it easier because he'll be able to switch the rear projector to a different computer that will give us much more flexibility.  He told me he sees the trend, and decided to prepare for it.  The congregation does love it when I plan a service like this.  I love it because the Proclamation for next week is done, so I can concentrate on the memorial service and other projects this week. 

It has been a long day.  We had a board meeting right after worship and approved the purchase of a new HVAC unit for the sanctuary.  It was warm enough in the sanctuary this morning to underline the need.  I took Daughter home after lunch, and then led worship at the retirement center before the rehearsal.  Administrative Assistant and I were standing in the parking lot talking when some members drove up and demanded to know if we ever go home.  We laughed and said we don't. 

I was reflecting this morning on how my life has changed since Daughter moved out 7 months ago.  I was able go have fun yesterday without worrying about her.  I have a freedom I hadn't had in 22 years.  I like it. 

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