Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I promised an elderly woman that I would do her memorial service when the time came.  This woman died on Sunday.  Her close friend and executor has scheduled the memorial service for the first day of my vacation, more than 2 weeks after her death.  I asked if it could be any earlier, since that was the first day of my vacation.  The response was that that is the day that works for the woman's close friends, and the service could be brief and early.  I guess my schedule doesn't count.  I have to call the executor, but am waiting.  I'm tired, and I need my vacation.  I can tell I need my vacation because I'm very angry right now.  I fear if I call the executor, I will say things that aren't appropriate/helpful.  Hopefully after some time to pray and do other things, I will be able to call her and be pastoral. Hopefully.  I do find myself wondering, though, why my schedule wasn't considered in the scheduling of this service.  I also find myself wondering if maybe it was, as this is the same woman who scheduled a memorial service to take place while I was on vacation after Christmas.  In that case, I volunteered to give up a day of vacation, because I knew that family members would be in from out of town and it would be difficult for them to come before or after my vacation. 

Sometimes ministry is hard.  Especially when I'm tired and in need of a vacation.  I'll do this service, and hopefully I will get in enough prayer before hand to let go of my resentment. 


Anonymous said...

Yikes, I would be upset too. Hope everything works out for you...and no worries, you WILL get to that vacation! Exhale. Inhale. :)

Reverend Mom said...

It will be okay. I'm reworking a drama for the sermon on the 24th, so I won't have to write a sermon next week, I can just focus on the service. I met with her friend today and have most of it planned.