Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Navigating Pre Vacation Nerves

The time prior to vacation has always been challenging for Daughter.  She needs structure, and finds the unstructured time of vacation challenging.  This year when I started seeing the pre-vacation acting out, I sought to change the pattern.  I suggested she make a list of the things she wants to do and the camp food she wants me to make while we're on vacation. 

She has embraced the challenge.  I just got of the phone with her, and she was frustrated because she hadn't been able to do an internet search yesterday.  I reminded her I have some tourist information here at home, and suggested she take that back to the house iwth her tomorrow.  She jumped all over that idea.  She's excited.  I think it helps that we're going back to the same state park-- it removes some of the stress from it for her.  I also think she's looking forward to extended time with me.  She appreciates me more now that she doesn't live with me all the time. 

The growth I see in her is pretty amazing.  She asked if she coud go spend a couple of days with friends it Tiny Village.  I told her that the fact she still wasn't trustworthy around food was an issue, and reminded her she'd taken a banana one night when she was here recently.  She said, "Point taken."  She dropped the request. 

She is working on a list of the things she needs to pack and getting them ready.  I have to say, I'm impressed and pleased.  Now I need to get on with my list.  She may actually be ahead of me.

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