Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dad called Brother and told him he was feeling lousy and thought he might need to go to the hospital. This was right after Brother got home with Sister-in-law, who has a badly sprained ankle, after spending all night in the ER with Mom. They still don't have a room for Mom, though they did manage to find her a bed so she's no longer on the gurney. Some people have been waiting in the ER for two days for a bed. There are three hospitals in this particular hospital system that are parents have visited. One has no power, so isn't accepting patients, and the other two both have no beds, and have closed their ER's. Brother suggested to Dad that he wait until tomorrow.

The Sisters got involved. Sister paged Doctor (again-- it was at least the 3rd page in less than 24 hours). He said to stop the diuretic, push fluids, and if he isn't feeling better in the morning take him to the doctor's office for possible admission. If he has to be in the hospital, we would like to have them in the same hospital. That is problematic, since there aren't any rooms for either one of them. Hopefully the fluids will help, and he'll feel better by morning. If he gets worse during the night, they will call 911 and the squad can figure out which hospital can take him. Aide is comfortable with this plan. Dad is comfortable with this plan.

Sister's 4 year old daughter (Niece) is sick. Her ex-husband is complaining that she is a hypochondriac (she has a temperature of 102) and telling Niece to stop lying about feeling bad. Of course, that sends Niece crying for Sister for comfort. (Sister didn't pick her up tonight, she went to the hospital to see Mom). Brother is complaining that Sister should forget about Niece and go to the hospital. Sister is in tears.

I've considered heading up there, but Daughter still is not stable. She is depressed and not doing well. She is also very concerned about her grandparents. Have I mentioned lately that I'm tired?


Linda B. said...

Oh my goodness. I don't know how you are holding it together with so much on your plate for so long. I hope you are able to sleep when you actually lay down! Hang in there. I know you know God is in this with you and will get you through it.

Reverend Mom said...


When I go to bed I sleep, because I stay up until I'm too exhausted to think. God is carrying me through this, and the Sisters are finding the humor in it all, when we can. Some of it is pretty sick humor, but any humor will do at this point. Thanks for your support.