Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running Away

Monday morning I am running away. I'm going to a conference/reunion at my seminary. My closest friend and I will be sharing a room. We will have an opportunity to catch up with old classmates (and unfortunately, we're all getting old) and have intellectual stimulation from some top notch speakers. We will eat food prepared by others on dishes washed by others. I am looking forward to this break. I mean, I am really, really looking forward to this break. Unfortunately it will be a short break, as I will be coming back on Wednesday evening before the Lenten supper and worship. But it will be a break.
There will be respite providers coming in to take care of Daughter. They will get to carry the keys to the insulin and medication. She won't rage for them. She'll be wonderful and cooperative. I'll pay for it when I get back, of course. But after a break, I should be better able to deal with her payback.
Hopefully Mom and Dad will cooperate and stay alive until I get back. Did I mention I'm really looking forward to this break?


FAScinated said...

Enjoy your break! It may be short but it couldn't come at a better time! ~Kari

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks! I'm so looking forward to it.

Torina said...

yahoo! you deserve a nice break! enjoy!