Thursday, March 5, 2009


For a couple of months my blackberry pearl and my computer have not been on speaking terms. It has been frustrating, to say the least. I also have had trouble getting the blackberry to charge. Monday, while I was in City to get stuff for the church supper last night, I went into the Verizon store. They decided one of the pins in the port was broken, and ordered me a replacement phone, which arrived yesterday. I ordered a bluetooth usb thingie in hopes that I could then sync via bluetooth and have all the data to transfer to the new phone.

I played with it some yesterday, and got frustrated. So today I broke down and called technical support. Three hours and three people later (they kept bumping me up to the next level when the problem was beyond them), I got disconnected. I called back and gave them my ticket number. Someone was supposed to call me back. It hasn't happened. What's worse, I fear that some of the dates I had in my blackberry are forever lost. We backed them up before deleting them, but I can't restore them. Worst of all, the problem seems to be in the calendar in outlook, so the new blackberry won't be able to sync either, and I won't be able to transfer all my dates over to the new one. I'll be out in the world lost without a calendar. A frightening prospect, to say the least.

Technology is wonderful when it works, but then a problem like this develops and I wonder why I ever abandoned my old daytimer system in favor of an electronic organizer.

As you have probably figured out, Daughter is calmer, though sluggish. While I was on the phone for 3 hours, she was sitting across from me folding bulletins. It took her over 3 hours to fold and put inserts in 100 bulletins. That's quite an accomplishment. I don't know why she is so sluggish, they didn't change any of her medications while she was in the hospital.

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