Monday, March 30, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

So I came here determined that I was going to have some fun and do things other than take care of my parents. Today a colleague was going to come over so we could work on worship planning. Today I went over to the feed Mom breakfast at 8:15. I then drove to the nursing home she was in briefly for rehab to pick up her belongings. I stopped at Target to get a small coffee maker and alcohol preps for Dad. When I walked into the apartment, there was a message that someone over on the unit with Mom was looking for me, so I rushed over there to visit with one of Mom's old friends.
I got back here, and Dad asked me to call and see if I could get him an appointment to get new glasses. I called and they had an opening today, so I rushed to eat lunch and feed Daughter, and then wrestled Dad and his wheel chair into the car. While he was getting an eye exam, he asked me to go get some CD's of hymns for Mom. I rescheduled my time with my colleague for Wednesday.
The optometrist told Dad he needed to see an opthamologist and a neurologist. He has another retinal bleed, and she thinks his stroke has affected his vision. Dad wants me to make those appointments and take him while I'm here. Tomorrow he has an appointment with his cardiologist at 9:15 and with his internist at 1:45. Wednesday my colleague is coming, and I'm not cancelling again (I probably shouldn't have said that).
Sister announced yesterday that she and Niece would come join us for supper tonight. I'm trying to make low sodium meals for Dad (since his eating out in restaurants resulted in an additional 8 lbs of fluid retention). Last night I had put some chicken into marinate in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and assorted herbs. I was trying to figure out what I would do with that for company, when I remember how much Dad had enjoyed the chicken curry I'd made last time I was here. I decided I'd make chicken curry and cook the marinated chicken for use in salads and with rice and such.
Sister called and told me she thinks the bites I'm giving Mom are too big. (Not that she's been there when I've fed or been there to feed her herself). She doesn't know if Niece will like curry, so I'm cooking some of the marinated chicken for Niece. I sent Aide to the store for some more chicken and other ingredients.
Brother showed up to take Daughter to a movie and dinner, so I had to figure out carbs and insulin for her supper. I shipped Aide and Dad over to feed Mom. I promised Dad I'd get him to Trader Joe's while I'm here. Sister just called and an old friend wants to come see Mom, but she doesn't want to see her alone. Sister told her I'd be glad to take her over there.
I also need to meet with the home care agency about changing from live-in to daily aides for Dad and adding services for Mom. At some point, I have to write a sermon for Sunday, and begin planning Maundy Thursday and Easter. I'm going to Sister's for supper on Thursday, and a friend will be there that I'd like to see.
Friday morning, we're headed home. I'll probably have to finish my sermon after I get home, so I'm not waiting until Saturday. I hope Daughter has fun with her uncle. She needs to have some fun, as this is really hard on her. I'm so grateful that we're staying in an apartment this time so we can at least get a bit of a break. It seems like every time I come here, the things that need doing exceed the time available for doing.


Torina said...

Uff da! That sounds exhausting!

TobyBo said...

I think you need to add one more thing to your list: lessons in saying NO

Linda B. said...

It sounds like everyone knows you'll get things done when you come. As Torina said, Uff da!

Reverend Mom said...

I'm glad I can be here to help out, at least I think I am. I haven't yet called to make appointments with the opthamologist or neurologist, though. Dad keeps mentioning it, but fortunately not when we're in the apartment so I can get the phone number and call. It's hard saying no to Dad....