Thursday, March 26, 2009


Daughter doesn't have a good sense of her body. She often magnifies minor symptoms as she seeks attention, but what is scary is the way she ignores other symptoms. When she was in 3rd grade, I got a call from her teacher. They thought she had a UTI, but she kept insisting she was fine. I went and picked her up. She had to sit down and rest 4 times on her way out to the car, and stopped to vomit twice. She continued to insist she was fine.
For about a week she has been dramatically complaining about minor cold symptoms. I've learned to tune those things out. Then something comes along that shocks me. When we were in the dressing room tonight, I noticed a huge purple spot behind her knee. It kind of looked like a bruise. I bent over to investigate, and found that the skin around it was very dry. I asked her what it was. She looked and said, "Oh, I guess it's spreading." She has this same rash on her inner thighs-- two huge spots. She had shown me this when it was much smaller several weeks ago. I suggested that the nylon shorts she was wearing to bed were irritating it, and told her to put lotion on it and wear long pajama bottoms. Obviously that hasn't worked.
I considered whether I needed to get her to the doctor before we leave tomorrow, but finally decided that I would give her some anti fungal cream to put on it first. We'll see if that helps. I don't know how big the rash would have gotten if I hadn't noticed it in the dressing room tonight.

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