Sunday, March 29, 2009


Daughter has a history of taking on big projects, and then having difficulty following through to complete them. Sister was out shopping with Daughter after Christmas, and bought her things to make a scrapbook about Brother's wedding which she then planned to give to Brother and Sister-in-law as a gift. She had done two pages, using a few pictures I had printed out for her. I ordered a bunch of prints for her that Niece had taken. I bought her some more paper and decals and scrap booky stuff she could use to complete the book.
This afternoon she pulled out all her supplies and confessed she was overwhelmed. I often have to break big tasks down into smaller pieces for her. I suggested she sort out the pictures by subject. She did, coming up with four groups. I suggested she take the pictures from the rehearsal dinner (the smallest group) and sort them out so that everyone who was there was in at least one picture. That was too much for her. She's now taking a nap.
She is so easily overwhelmed and frustrated. Unless I find a deep reservoir of patience and sit down and direct her, this scrapbook will join the pile of unfinished projects that are in various places around our house. She will be very angry the next time I decline to finance a new project until she finishes at least one of those she has started and then abandoned.

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