Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost Routine

Daughter needs a release to return to the workshop, so yesterday I called Psychiatrist's office seeking one. The nurse told me she'd talk to Psychiatrist, and call me if she couldn't fax one over. I was all set to to send Daughter back to the workshop today. We both need a return to our routine and some distance from one another.
Last night, Daughter suddenly decided she wasn't ready to return, and wanted to wait until Monday. She called and cancelled the bus for today. So this morning I got a call from the nurse from Psychiatrist's office. She hasn't faxed anything over and thought it would be best if I just waited until we see Psychiatrist on Monday. I guess it's a good thing Daughter decided not to go today. I told her I wanted Daughter to go for a half day on Monday, then I would pick her up and bring her to the appointment. She said she understood, and she'd talk to Psychiatrist about it and fax something over. She promised she'd call if she couldn't do that. Of course, she promised that yesterday, too.
Now that I am in control of the insulin, Daughter's blood sugars are all running very high. She swears she hasn't been into any extra food. Of course, she also swore she wasn't taking any extra insulin. Life is challenging at the moment, and I am worn out. It doesn't help that it is a gray day and that after 3 hours on tech support yesterday my blackberry and computer still aren't on speaking terms. Daughter still hasn't apologized. I guess she wants to swim in b--- s--- a while longer.

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