Saturday, March 14, 2009

In the Middle

The two siblings who live closest together are also the two who have always had the most trouble getting along. Both of them are under a great deal of stress right now without throwing our parents' troubles into the mix. Both of them are complaining to me. Both of them think I'm taking the other person's side.
Dad is doing some better, which raises the issue of a long term plan for him. He can't continue to pay for live in help indefinitely. Mom is ready to be discharged from the hospital, but is so weak she isn't able to do anything for herself. She can't go back to the assisted living facility right now, and may never be able to go back there. Figuring out how to meet their needs is a challenge, especially when the two siblings who live closest to them aren't on speaking terms.
I, of course, have no stress whatsoever in my life. I love hearing them yell at me about the other. Do you hear some sarcasm in those statements? Do you hear a great deal of sarcasm in those statements?

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