Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've had two calls from Daughter at the workshop. She's in tears, and needs to come home and be near me. Why does she need to come home and be near me? Because even though Therapist and I have explained numerous times the importance of keeping her busy and how unstructured time sends her into depression, some helpful individual decided that because Daughter was stressed about Grandma, they shouldn't have her do anything today, but just let her "sit and relax."
I don't have 45 minutes to go pick her up, and she'd be worse off with me, as I'm trying to write newsletter articles and liturgy. If I brought her home, she would be clingy, making it harder for me to get my work done. I would become impatient, which she would pick up on, prompting her to become more clingy, and we'd end up in a downward spiral of deep despair.
Not only have they not kept her busy, they gave someone else the work she was supposed to be doing to ease her stress. How many times do I have to tell them that makes things worse? How many times do I need to explain this to them? I'm probably going to have to go get her, because she will sink deeper into despair and they will continue to enable it. They need to get her up and make her move. Put on some music and make her dance.
I'm going to make the most of the time she is still at the workshop, and see how much more I can get done before I need to go rescue her from their incompetence. I think my current lack of patience may be showing through in this post....


Anonymous said...

You are very, very entitled to be impatient with the workshop. I would use more colorful language, but either 1)someone else would read it that would get me in trouble, or 2)it would be determined inappropriate and deleted. KJK

Linda B. said...

If anyone is entitled to impatience it's you! I hope you didn't have to go get her. Your plate is over-flowing already. If anything your daughter needs that routine, schedule and busyness right now. How frustrating. You're still in my prayers.