Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Four Days

Dad and Daughter got out of the hospital last Wednesday. Mom was admitted last night (sort of-- she's in the ER waiting for a bed). The family went four whole days with nobody in the hospitals. I was on the phone with my sisters when Sister got a call on her home line from Dad's live-in aide. He was having GI trouble. We directed Aide to the imodium and told her to give him lots of water. We don't want him back in with dehydration.
The nursing home transferred Mom to the hospital last night because she was in pain. She had fallen earlier in the day when she tried to get up from a chair without help. She still wasn't making any effort to feed herself. So far we know she has a massive UTI, and they have started IV antibiotics for that. Her doctor also wants to do a CT scan to check for strokes.
We decided not to tell Dad last night. We'll have to let him know today, but we knew he would be awake all night worrying if we said anything last night. He's been laying awake and night worrying about a variety of little things, so we decided not to give him a big thing to worry about.
Daughter overheard the phone conversation, so she knows. She doesn't seem to be too concerned. Once again I find myself going over my schedule and wondering whether I should head to the hospital. For now, I'm staying here.

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