Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fighting After All

So I originally said I wasn't going to fight about Daughter's diabetes management. That all changed tonight. The first night, the nurse had told me she'd leave a note for the doctor to get her insulin right, but that never happened. She's had one blood sugar in the 170's, all the rest have been over 180. The goal is to have them under 120, and anything over about 240 is dangerous, and can lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which can be deadly. Before supper tonight, her blood sugar was 342.
Daughter was crying as she leaned into me and told me she wasn't safe there and I needed to get her out right away. She told me how tired she is and how she can't stay awake because her blood sugars are so high. We didn't play cards tonight. We did sit down and talk to her nurse, and I pointed out how dangerously high her blood sugars are, and again gave them her normal insulin scale. I explained that she can't figure out her meals without guidance, and she needs help counting carbs. I explained that she doesn't feel safe.
Tonight I was there for about an hour, and the majority of the time was spent comforting Daughter as she leaned against me and cried. I will not be able to go visit her tomorrow night, which concerns me. She told me she may be able to come home tomorrow or Thursday. Tonight I would have said she's nowhere close to ready. The nurse didn't think Psychiatrist has made any changes in her medication. Her night meds are all the same.
I told Daughter today that there would be an investigation at the workshop, which upset her. Therapist encouraged me to tell her before she comes home, so I did. I will be very surprised if she is discharged tomorrow. Knowing my luck, they will discharge her in the evening, when I'm tied up with a supper and worship service at the church.


Torina said...

That is TERRIBLE! It blows my mind when our kids are seemingly in the care of healthcare professionals and they do a terrible job. I hope they get on the ball pronto.

maeve said...

This whole saga is so much a story of medical care in America. A hospital seems to be the worst place to be these days.

And a story of RAD and the need these kids/adults have to control every situation in their lives, even when the control proves to endanger their lives....they're winners because they have control and losers because the consequences are terrible. Her "suicide attempt" was so much less that and so much more a bid for control and attention, wasn't it? And now you have to deal with the consequences. BTDT.

She's come so far and she's such a great person. This is gonna work itself out, I think, but in the meantime you are stressed beyond stress. Do you think you can find respite with someone who understands her various Dx? I hope so. I'd so it myself if I had any idea how to deal with diabetes. Diabetes and RAD are a very bad combination. You knew this, didn't you? Love and Hugs and Good thoughts! M.