Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is Daughter's 22nd birthday. I didn't even remember until she started singing "Happy Birthday to Me" at the breakfast table. Fortunately, I had purchased a card and an itunes gift card when I was in Town earlier this week, so I gave her those. Tonight I will take her to City and we'll buy dresses for the memorial service and go out to eat.

We will be leaving tomorrow. I have arranged a room in the building where Dad lives. I haven't heard anything on how Mom is doing today. I have managed to get more things ready for worship during Holy Week. I still find I have very little patience.

But we will make it through. Daughter seems to be getting over her cold, so hopefully she will not be complaining about how sick she is all the time.


FAScinated said...

Happy Birthday to Daughter!

Linda B. said...

Happy 22nd Birthday to Daughter! I hope you have a good dinner and shopping experience.