Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is It Serious?

Yesterday morning Daughter told me she had a headache. This sometimes goes with low blood sugars, so I had her check her blood sugar. It was fine. I decided it wasn't anything to worry about. Daughter is something of a hypochondriac. She also has a tendency to create physical symptoms to reflect emotional pain. I knew that the weather closings this past week had been very hard on her.
She got busy with other things and I didn't hear anything more about the headache. She even did an exercise video. Then, late in the afternoon, she came into my office, sobbing. "Mom, my head really hurts, I need help." She went on to describe other symptoms: numbness in her legs, blurred vision, and a painful stomach. Again her blood sugar was fine. I suggested she take some ibuprofen, and then I began the mental struggle. How bad was her headache? Was this something serious? How long should I wait before taking her to the urgent care? I go through this struggle several times a year. Other times I can tell it's nothing serious, but there are times when it seems the pain is very real. Could she have a migraine?
I finally decided to try a diversion. I had recorded A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum this week, so I took our homemade pizza up to the TV room and started the movie. At first, she was subdued, but as the movie went on, she began to laugh. By the end of the movie, the headache was forgotten, and I was relieved. I'm off the hook, at least until the next time she tries to convince me she is desperately ill.


Torina said...

Tara does this all the time, too. It is so hard to know what is real and what is not. Med changes make me so nervous because she rarely tells me when something REAL is wrong. I use TUMS. For all my kids because if one is "sick", then they all get "sick". So I give them a TUMS and magically the second that TUMS hits their tongues they are all better. Usually :)

Reverend Mom said...

I wonder if I could get that to work on Daughter. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks!

Linda B. said...

And the calcium in the Tums is a bonus! Because Bug needs more calcium in her diet her pediatrician said the give her 2 of these ea. day. But, um, I rarely (never) remember to do it.

Reverend Mom said...

One of Daughter's meds probably depletes calcium-- she's on so many. I'm going to get some Tums next time I go to town.