Thursday, January 15, 2009


The area schools and the sheltered workshop were closed today because of the snow, so that meant Secretary and I got to drag our kids to the office. She currently has 2 boys in therapeutic foster care with her. Days in the office with the kids are always interesting.
We sent them out to shovel snow this morning. It was very cold, so we told them they didn't have to finish it all at once, and when they got cold they should come in and warm up. I still can't believe it, but they were out there for well over an hour shoveling snow. They were cold, but proud of what they had accomplished. Daughter's blood sugar even cooperated! This is the second day in a row she has gone out and shoveled snow and stuck with the task until it was done. This is the first year she has been able to do that. She is going out with a respite provider on Sunday, and I will pay her generously for her work this week. She's also done a good job with her household chores.
Once they came in, J was put to work folding bulletins, O was folding inserts and placing them in the bulletins, and Daughter was putting together program books. J and Daughter are unbelievably slow about their work, and O is fast and careless. He put about half of the inserts in the bulletin backwards. All in all, it was a good day. Daughter was kept busy, and that is what is best for her. Secretary told her she wanted her to do the program books because she knew that she would be careful and do it right. Daughter ate up the praise, of course.
There are already delays posted for tomorrow morning. I will be very surprised if Daughter actually gets to go to the workshop tomorrow. Monday is a holiday, and Secretary and I decided today that we're going to work Monday and get the newsletter done so that we can take Tuesday off and watch the inauguration. We'll put the kids to work stapling and labeling newsletters. If we're lucky, there will be more snow to keep them occupied for part of the day, as well.

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