Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Power of Faith

I received a phone call at 5:22 this morning. I knew what it was about before I picked up the phone. Whenever the phone rings in the middle of the night, I know it is a death, and I've run through the sick list before I even pick up the phone. It was Old Man's Daughter. She wanted me to know that her Dad had gone home. She asked me to call his sister, but to wait until after 7:00. So I just called OMS. She was on top of the world. "I'm rejoicing!" She had been up pacing at 5:30, and already knew. She asked me if she was crazy. I assured her she wasn't, and told her to hang on to that rejoicing as long as she could, because the grief would come. Her grief won't be for her brother, but for herself, because she will miss him. OMS was very close to her brother. She also has a very strong faith, so she will be fine.

I now have Old Man's funeral and a committal service for a woman who lived several hours from here this weekend. Her family would like me to arrange for music at the cemetery. That will be a challenge, given that the temperature is still in the teens. I'm going to have to reschedule an appointment I had about a wedding, and be very productive for the rest of the week. I was up at 4:00 with some intestinal misery, so instead of going to the hospital while one of the saints has surgery today I'm going to call her. If whatever I have is contagious, I don't want risk exposing her to it right before she gets a new knee.

Hopefully I won't spend too much time in the bathroom today and will be able to get a great deal done. For now, I'm going to join OMS in rejoicing that Old Man has gone home, and I'll be able to celebrate his life. He has worried for years that I wouldn't be here to do his funeral. I've always assured him that everything would work out. I was right.


Torina said...

When death is anticipated, it is such a different feeling for those left behind. When it comes by surprise, it is like getting hit by a tornado. I'm glad Old Man is no longer suffering and is in heaven.

Reverend Mom said...

You are very right. He suffered just long enough for his family to be ready to let him go and recognize it was the best for him.