Sunday, January 25, 2009

Always a Joy

I got to spend 3 hours with our youth tonight. They gobbled down sloppy joes and potato soup. We watched a movie together. We talked about prayer. We talked about wrestling. We made plans for the future. We laughed and we argued. I went over exhausted, and came home a little less exhausted. Those kids are such a joy, and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be with them. Sister was sending me text messages to keep me updated throughout the evening, and she called as the movie was winding down. I left the room to talk to her, and as I came back in one of the kids said, "Great discussion." I told them it was a nice try, and proceeded to lead a discussion that I thought was very good.
Dad is still in the ER waiting for a room. Sister said the ER was packed and short-staffed, and everything was taking longer than normal. Niece was very good, and took an extended nap. She did a running commentary while the EMT cleaned up and dressed Dad's knees, so he brought her in a Popsicle. She was quite delighted. Sister finally had to leave to get Niece home and in bed. Brother was supposed to be going up to the hospital, but hasn't arrived yet. Sister has begun the conversation with Dad about giving up the apartment and moving into assisted living. He's very concerned about money. As Sister and I agreed, he probably won't need care for very long.
It was nice to have the joy of youth group to balance out the stress of Dad's situation.

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