Friday, January 16, 2009


We're in the deep freeze here. The temperature has dropped a degree since I woke up, it's now 15 below zero. I don't want to know what it is with the wind chill. Everything is closed again today. The trustees put a space heater in the back porch bathroom and aimed a fan at the crawl space under the back porch to prevent the pipes from freezing. The water I had running in the sink protected it from freezing, but the water line to the toilet is frozen solid. I haven't checked to see if I have water to the washing machine yet. I really should do some laundry, so I hope so.
Last night Daughter was complaining that her bedroom was very cold. It was 58 in my bedroom, even with the thermostat turned up to 64 downstairs. I'm sure her bedroom was colder, as it has a west exposure. I told her to make sure she wore a hat and socks to bed. She came in a few minutes later to say good night. I took one look at her and began to laugh. She was wearing two sets of pajamas, two pairs of socks, a knitted hat, and a hooded sweatshirt. She slept well last night.
With the workshop closing yesterday and the holiday Monday, this makes for a 5 day weekend for her. Fortunately, Monday's adjustment in her meds seems to be working, and she's doing a better job of handling the disruption of her routine.

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