Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Daughter will be pleased to hear that the workshop is closed today due to heavy snow. In fact, just about everything at home is closed today because of the snow. There is less snow here, but Sister says the roads aren't very good. It's still snowing.
Dad wanted us at the hospital bright and early this morning, but I was up too late and it's going to be a long day. We have much cleaning to do here in the apartment. We're headed back to Sister's this evening. I'm not sure when we'll get the cleaning done.
It is always exhausting to sit in the hospital all day. Unfortunately, Dad doesn't always hear and interpret things the way we do. He told me he'd had a leaky heart valve for years and that wasn't the problem. He didn't believe the doctor who said the leaking was getting worse. Yesterday he asked me if he couldn't have the surgery done in the hospital he's in currently. He thought a valve repair/replacement was minor.
We like for one of us to be there when the doctors come through, so we can hear the information for ourselves rather than relying on Dad's interpretation. He likes having us there. He was getting a roommate when I left last night, and that always makes it more interesting. There is one chair for visitors in the room he's in. Daughter will probably hang out in the family waiting room. She brought things to keep her busy, but it is still a hard day all around.
Now I'm going to have to insist she get up and get moving. We really need to get to the hospital. Dad wants me to bring him a large cup of good coffee. He'll be waiting for that coffee.

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