Monday, December 17, 2012

One Year Later

Last year Daughter missed the open house.  It was a very challenging time for both of us. 

This year, she was with me from Thursday through this morning.  She helped with every aspect of the open house.  Yesterday afternoon she was getting frustrated, but she told me that rather than blowing up she was blowing raspberries.  It worked.  I told her several times how proud I was of her.

We had more people this year, and the house was crowded and noisy.  At one point she was a little stressed, and I reminded her she could retreat to the basement if necessary.  She decided it wasn't necessary, and stayed up to help with the clean up. 

Several members stayed to help with the clean up, which was very nice.  Some of our newer folks were there, and were obviously enjoying themselves.  Several times I asked, "Why did I want to skip this this year?"  It was fun.  Of course, packing 40+ people into my house is not easy, but we managed, and a good time was had by all. 

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