Friday, December 7, 2012

Sexting and Happy Accidents

Daughter has a friend (female) who sent her a picture of a man's privates today.  Predictably, Daughter went off, and texted threats of jail.  After I picked her up, another picture came through, with a not very nice message with it.  I responded, identifying myself as Daughter's mom, and telling her to stop.  The response was even uglier.  I went online and blocked her number, and then deleted all the messages and her phone number from Daughter's phone.  Daughter was grateful.  She said she was shaking after she got the first picture.  Talk about triggers for her PTSD.  I'm glad it was a night she was coming here, so I could take care of it.

Last week I got a letter from Social Security scheduling an appointment for the review of Daughter's SSI for today.  I called (twice) seeking to change it because we were supposed to have Daughter's planning meeting today (scheduled months ago).  I left messages, but never got a return call.  This morning, the man called, asking why I wasn't at the appointment (Daughter's planning meeting had to be rescheduled).  I told him I'd left him 2 voice mails.  He apologized, then said, "It looks like this will be a simple one, and we can handle it by phone.  Do you have time to do it now?"  Of course I said yes.   What was frustrating yesterday became a joy today-- what would have taken over an hour if I'd had to drive to the office and wait was done in less than 15 minutes.

This evening I called the man around the corner to get some firewood.  He delivered a load, and I showed him the tree I want removed.  He gave me a very good price, because he wants the wood and needs the work.  All in all, a very good day. 


Miz Kizzle said...

UGH. I hope your DD doesn't encounter this "friend" at her workshop. Could you rehearse a more appropriate response than threatening to send someone to jail for when she gets another inappropriate text?

Reverend Mom said...

She shouldn't run into her. We talked about this today. We decided if it happens again, she'll respond "stop" and then turn off her phone. She can call me and tell me who it was later, and I'll go on later and block the number so she won't have to deal with it.