Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Nice Problem to Have

So today a fair amount of time was spent in the office discussing coffee.  Administrative Assistant and I don't even drink coffee, but Treasurer loves coffee, and has a special travel cup that gets him a discount price on coffee at a local bakery.  He stops by there daily to get his coffee.  He also sets up our two 36 cup coffee pots every Friday.  I plug them in when I arrive at the church Sunday morning.  About a year ago we started having coffee available before worship in addition to after worship.

Recently we have begun running out of coffee.  Attendance is up, which has had an impact.  There are also some people who bring travel cups, which hold more than your typical Styrofoam cup.  So we had quite a discussion about the situation.  Treasurer is frustrated with those who are filling up travel cups, and thinks that's the reason we're running out.  I think it's great-- as it's better for the environment.  

So the discussion shifted to how to meet the growing demand for coffee.  I suggested buying two more 36 cup pots. I did some research, and it takes about 1 minute a cup to brew coffee.  I said we could then plug another pot in at the start of worship, and it would be ready by the end.  Treasurer wants to buy the vacuum pump dispensers, because that's what the high class coffee places have (probably like his bakery).  I checked that out, and they don't hold much coffee.  I told him I thought it would be more work to keep filling them, and it wouldn't solve the problem of needing additional coffee. 

At one point I went and measured water into our pots to see what they consider a cup (6 ounces).  We got on line to check out prices and capacities.  Administrative Assistant searched the files to find out how much we paid for our current coffee pots and when we purchased them. 

It was really rather ridiculous.  Treasurer wondered where we'd store the additional coffee pots.  I have to say, though, dealing with problems caused by growth is wonderful. 

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