Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Progress and Progress and Sigh

Phone call number one:   Thursday at Psychiatrist we discussed increasing Daughter's anti psychotic.  She had been on 80 mg, and then a month ago Psychiatrist added another 40 mg pill.  She wanted to take her up to 160 mg, which eventually would be dispensed as 2 80 mg tablets bubble packed together as one dose.  There was a discussion as to whether the pharmacy would take back the current bubble packs and repackage them so there was 160 mg in each bubble.  Finally we decided it would be easier for me to take the current ones and start with a new prescription for the house.  I would know how to make sure Daughter got enough of it while she was with me.  Psychiatrist emphasized again to the house medical coordinator that the medication would not work unless she took the medication with her supper.  So yesterday evening Daughter called me right before supper.  "Did you keep my anti psychotic?  Is that what we talked about yesterday?"

Apparently the staff knew absolutely nothing about what had happened at the appointment with Psychiatrist.  They couldn't figure out what had happened to her anti psychotic.  They were looking for a new prescription, which they eventually found.  Then they couldn't figure out how to give it.  "One now and one at bedtime?"

Finally, Daughter handed her phone to the staff member who was on meds.  I carefully explained what had happened and again emphasized the importance of giving the medication with her supper.  This staff member claimed she understood.  Of course, that doesn't mean the next staff member will....

Phone call number two:  Daughter called yesterday evening and apologized for the earlier call in which she announced she was quitting her program and hung up on me.  I suggested she had contributed to the problems.  She informed me it was everyone else who was being difficult.  I said, "When you are having problems with everyone it is time to look at yourself and see what you are doing to cause them."  She paused, and then said, "Okay, point taken."  She still insisted she was done with her program, and I told her we'd talk about it later.  I see that call as progress. 

Phone call number three:  Daughter called at bedtime.  I asked about blood sugars.  It had been in range at supper time, and then was high at bedtime.  I quickly figured out why.  They may have measured out her food initially, but then they told her she could have more fruit.  Fruit that they didn't cover with insulin.  I think Case Manager is right about moving Daughter. 


Miz Kizzle said...

I agree. Your daughter's health is in danger if she stays there. Let's hope you find a new place for her where the staff is more capable.
It's frightening to think that there are similar scenarios going on in group homes throughout the U.S. where low-paid, poorly trained workers are put in the position of making decisions that could result in death or serious illness. Why are we spending billions on waging senseless wars, funding a very dubious Homeland Security program and locking up more people for nonviolent offenses than any other country in the so-called civilized world when we should be providing for people like your daughter?

Reverend Mom said...

I'm concerned about what will happen to people like my Daughter when they finish with the cuts-- it's much easier to cut programs for people like my daughter than it is to cut military spending or allow tax cuts on the wealthy to expire. I wonder about our priorities.