Saturday, December 29, 2012


Daughter is a master of manipulation and triangulation, so when she has begun to complain about things at her house, I have generally said something along the lines of, "I have confidence in your ability to figure it out."  I've reminded her she has a voice, and encouraged her to use it to advocate for herself. 

She's been here with me for over a week now, and I'm beginning to hear some stories.  They aren't coming out so much as complaints, but as responses to questions I ask after she says something that seems wrong.  Yesterday before supper her blood sugar was 97.  She immediately said, "It's below 100, so I can't take my insulin until after I eat."  I assured her it was okay since her food was right in front of her and she'd be eating right away.  I explained that I made that rule for when she was away so that they wouldn't give her her insulin too long before she ate and cause her to go low.  She said something about them doing it their own way.  I asked for more details. 

According to Daughter, they check her blood sugar and give her her insulin at 5:15 every evening.  They don't give her her anti psychotic until she eats, but they give her insulin at 5:15, even when supper isn't ready or even started.  Some times they eat as late as 6:30.  I was horrified.  She said, "House Manager needs to be there.  She doesn't know what they do when she isn't there.  They don't do things right.  They don't care." 

I really wonder if the staff even cares.  Do they realize how dangerous it is to give her insulin that far in advance?  The insulin is in her blood stream working within 5-10 minutes.  We try to match it to the food.  That is impossible when they give it that long before she eats. 

I'm going to have to find a different house for her soon.  I'm going to be filing a complaint with the state licensing board.  What they are doing is dangerous. 

Oh, Daughter also told me that she's afraid to ask for things because of how mean they are when she asks.  Maybe I should have listened to her stories sooner. 

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