Friday, December 21, 2012


We have our first real snow.  Yesterday the wind took some of the siding off the church.  We were concerned that the siding was going to damage the roof, we could here it scraping.  None of the property guys answered our calls.  Eventually it fell off. 

This morning when I got up I saw that the wind had blown over the pole with the bird feeders in my back yard.  When the guys came and took out the locust tree, they pulled the pole out of the ground.  Apparently I didn't get it back in very well.  I'm grateful, as it hit the frame between the windows.  An inch in either directions and it would have hit the window, probably breaking it. 

Daughter folded bulletins and newsletters in the office today.  She chose that over the Christmas party at her program.  There were lots to fold.  She did well, and didn't complain.  I took her shopping when we got done.  She's happy.  I have a little bit of work to do on the sermon for the 30th, but everything else I need to do for worship is done. 

I'm going to do some baking and crafts over the next few days.  Tonight, though, is for enjoying another fire in the fireplace and watching It's a Wonderful Life. 

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