Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Daughter, like many adopted children, struggles with holidays.  She asks for the impossible, and looks for reasons to explode.  The traditions have to be followed perfectly.  I've worked hard to create traditions:  sweet rolls and egg casserole for Christmas breakfast.  PJ day, where we stay in our pj's and watch movies.  Daughter insists on a ham dinner on Christmas day-- she didn't like my suggestion of ham steak this year rather than buying a ham. 

This year Daughter begged for a puppy-- she'd take care of it, of course.  I pointed out that I'm not home enough for a puppy.  She was extremely disappointed, and wasn't sure she believed me.  I found a recipe online that I decided try instead of the traditional casserole. 

When I called her for breakfast this morning, she was skeptical.  She tried them, and liked them.  Victory #1. 

I purchased her a sweater and top, and when she opened them she was ecstatic.  "This is hip!"  She said this with amazement.  It was obvious she didn't think I was capable of picking out something hip for her for Christmas.  Victory #2

Then she opened the puppy.  While looking for toys for my Short Niece and Baby Nephew, I came across an electronic puppy.  She was ecstatic.  Victory #3.  The puppy has been named Noel and has a ribbon around her neck.  Kitten isn't too sure about Noel, but Daughter is ecstatic. 

Daughter began gathering up the wrapping paper.  Then she looked at me, amazed.  "Hey, I have controlled myself.  I haven't exploded!  I've done well."  Victory #4. 

She changed into her new PJ's, put on her new slippers, and we're now watching her new DVD.   It's as bad as the reviews say it is, but it has  cute puppies, so Daughter is happy. 

Today I have two things to celebrate, Christ's birth and Daughter's progress.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas. 

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