Sunday, December 23, 2012

Murphy's Sunday

This morning was one of those day when everything that could go wrong, did.  The really good news is that most people in worship had no idea.  We were later getting to the church than usual because Daughter was slow getting out of the shower, and she took hers first. 

I was late getting upstairs from teaching my class, and the woman who runs the projector was looking for me.  I had forgotten to send her the slide for my sermon.  Unfortunately, I hadn't turned on my computer this morning, so I had to turn it on before I could send her the slides.  My laptop is almost 3 years old now, and it is getting more temperamental.  Outlook had a hard time starting, freezing twice.  The woman came to find out what was taking me so long.  I tried to put it on a flash drive.  The computer wouldn't recognize it.  I tried a different flash drive.   I tried a different USB port.  Finally, Outlook unfroze and I was able to send the slides.  I also sent the ones for tomorrow night and next Sunday. 

I grabbed my microphone and headed to the sanctuary, where the communion servers were waiting for instructions.  Putting my microphone on is a pain.  It's an over the ear one that has a wire that I drop through my clothes and attach to the transmitter which I have to hook to my skirt.  One of the communion servers was straightening my clothes and such when I remembered I hadn't turned on the mike.  I turned it on, and the sound technician came over to tell me the battery was almost dead.  So we had to unhook it and put a new battery in.   Rewired and straightened I looked to the communion table and realized we were short one tray of juice and one of bread.  I moaned, and one of the servers rushed off to fix the additional trays. 

I got up front and the lay leader was missing.  She finally joined me and we began the service-- a couple of minutes late.  Once the service began everything went smoothly, and most people had no clue of the chaos that had reigned before worship. 

We have a number of people who are fighting the flu and various other bugs.  One of the women scheduled to read tomorrow evening is coughing too much and begged off.  I think we've located someone to take her place.  Because the next two worship services are all ready, I'm able to relax, and enjoy real time off.  It's nice.  Daughter and I are in the midst of our annual Christmas Harry Potter movie marathon. 

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