Saturday, December 8, 2012


After doing a mental inventory of the food  had in the kitchen, I decided we'd go out for breakfast this morning.  We got to the restaurant, and Daughter began her predictable game, asking for things she knew she couldn't have.  After vetoing various forms of high carb pancakes, I finally said, "Why don't you be grateful I'm taking you out for breakfast instead of trying to pick a fight with me over what you'll eat?"  She got this huge smile on her face, looked down (I hope a bit embarrassed) and picked out one of the options I had suggested.  When it arrived, she refused to acknowledge she liked it, but she sure did have a huge smile on her face after the first bite, and she ate the whole thing.  She was cooperative after that. 

I went to 3 stores today looking for belt for the vacuum cleaner.  I finally ordered one on the internet.  In some ways, it was easier when I didn't have so many stores around, and I'd start with the internet.  When we were out seeking the belt, I told Daughter that when we got home and finished up a few more things, I had a surprise for her.  She said something about taking it home.  I told her it needed to stay at the house.  She looked at me for a minute.  "It's the ABBA dance game like we played at Thanksgiving, isn't it?" 

I guess both of us are predictable.  Either that, or we know one another too well.  She had a meltdown this afternoon because she wants to go to the Christmas party tonight.  I reminded her again why we decided she wouldn't go.  She finally asked if she could take the new game back to her house tonight to share with her girls.  I agreed, and we decided I'd drive through and get her breakfast tomorrow morning after I pick her up.  She stresses out about the staff getting her meds and breakfast in time on Sunday mornings.  With the game and the promise she didn't need to worry about breakfast, she decided it was fine to miss the party tonight.  It's been a good day, and it will be a good evening. 

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