Thursday, December 6, 2012

Daughter's Fear

Last night Daughter was worrying about me dying.  She was imagining herself having to deal with settling my estate.  Of course that's an impossibility, but she was frightened. 

This morning part way through my walk my cell phone died.  Daughter tried calling it, then the house phone, and finally the church.  She was terrified.  She called Sister, leaving her a voice mail asking her to check on me.  When I got home, I called her, and explained what had happened.  My cell phone shut itself off this afternoon while it was on the charger.  Daughter called the church when she couldn't reach me on my cell, so I was able to explain what had happened.  She tried to talk me into picking her up.  It didn't work. 

I may be going to the cell phone store tomorrow.  I know how much it means to Daughter to be able to reach me, and I need a working cell phone for me, too. 

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