Wednesday, December 26, 2012


After Daughter's victories of yesterday, today she is handling a new challenge: disappointment.  Today was to be our family Christmas.  We were up early, making the final preparations.   We had to run to the store, and when we got home the phone call came.  Brother's family has been fighting a norovirus since Christmas Eve.  They still can't stray far from the bathroom.  Plus, we are getting lots of snow today. 

I think we will do it on January 1, but Sister needs to negotiate to have that day with her ex.  Of course, she hasn't contacted him yet, and isn't very optimistic.  I told her I thought they could work a trade, especially since it involves the entire family.  I also suggested that the sooner she contact him, the better. 

Daughter cried when she heard we were postponing the celebration.  She said she might as well go back to her house.  She recovered quickly.  We are continuing our Harry Potter marathon and eating.  I have a fire in the fireplace, and Daughter insisted I sit next to her on the couch so she can snuggle.  I'm impressed with how quickly she recovered from the disappointment. 

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