Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feeling Old

Yesterday I did lots of baking. It was fun. The good news is that my nurse practitioner started me on thyroid medication when I was in there last time. I have more energy now, and am very grateful. I was delighted by how much I got done yesterday. While baking 3 different things and making 2 kinds of candy, I also completed two loads of laundry. Of course, it helps that the laundry area is in a closet in the bathroom next to the kitchen.

I went to lunch and to see the movie Lincoln with a young colleague.  She is about Daughter's age.  Her mother is younger than I am.  When did I get so old?  It was an enjoyable afternoon, even if I do feel old.  After the movie I picked up Daughter.  We stopped at the grocery store to pick up the items I needed to make macaroni and cheese for the fellowship meal tomorrow.  Tomorrow should be a fun day.  We're kicking off Advent with a program featuring lots of music, then completing the decoration of the church, and then enjoying a fellowship meal. 

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