Saturday, October 20, 2012


Daughter called last night, outraged, and demanded I pick her up immediately.  What was it that had her so angry?  They had planned a hayride for all the women.  She insisted she doesn't like or do hayrides, and they were torturing her.  If she didn't go, she'd have to go to the men's house next door, and she doesn't like the men. 

Being the mean mom I am, I refused to pick her up.  I also had the nerve to remind her that she claimed she hated hayrides, and she always had fun when she went.  I told her to cut it out and lose the attitude.  She hung up on me.

She called back later.  She chose to go to the men's house.  She apologized, and said she was afraid I'd refuse to come get her today because of her attitude.  I told her we'd talk about it today.   I'll go get her, simply because it is easier than picking her up before church tomorrow. 


Miz Kizzle said...

Amnesty International doesn't consider hayrides to be a form of torture. I checked.

Reverend Mom said...

Do you want to break the news to Daughter?