Monday, October 22, 2012

So Blessed

I had a board meeting tonight.  We had a lot of business, including by-law changes, preliminary 2013 budget, discussing our response to an anonymous complaint hand written on a yard sign and posted in front of the church, and discussing a chapter of the book we've been reading together.  We were done in 90 minutes.  We deal with most of our business in a consent agenda, freeing us up to have discussions.  As we evaluated the meeting at the end, they said it was a good meeting, in fact, they think our meetings are fun.  They think we are definitely headed in the right direction, and are excited about the future. 

We have had an ongoing battle with a woodpecker, who likes the cedar on a post near the front door.  The property guys purchased a plastic falcon and mounted it on the post.  It kept the woodpecker away for a while, but he must have been studying that falcon, because a new hole has appeared directly below the falcon.  The property guys are stubborn.  They have now found an owl with a motion detector that hoots and moves its head.  One of them had a catalogue page at the board meeting tonight with the owl highlighted.  I find it all very amusing.  Fortunately, they are good natured about it, too.  I suggested that maybe the woodpecker was teaching his children how to annoy them, too.  I consider myself so blessed to be in ministry with these people. 

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