Friday, October 19, 2012


With the stress of the memorial services off of me (though I have short death related services each of the next two Saturdays), my brain is back to generating what Administrative Assistant calls brain flares.  I was working on the agenda for Monday's board meeting last night.   I emailed it to AA to look over this morning and post on the board's secure website.  But then I kept thinking of additional things that needed to be added.  In one of the mails I said it was the final agenda for the next 30 seconds.  After I got home last night I remembered that there had been some visitors in worship last Sunday.  They vanished before I could greet them, and we hadn't checked to see if they'd signed the guest book or friendship pads.  So, this morning I called AA an apologized, telling her my brain was at it again.  She laughed, "I know, I saw all of your emails."  She's going to check and see if we have names or addresses, and if we do, I'll go in and right them notes today.  She had already put stickers with the alarm company's phone number on all the phones....

Two years and I never set off the alarm.  Then I set it off Sunday morning, and twice during choir last night.  That takes talent.  It wouldn't turn off last night, and the alarm company didn't call, and I couldn't find their phone number, and a deputy showed up....  At least AA finds me amusing.  She was directing the choir last night because our regular choir director is on vacation.  Did I mention that AA also has a 2 year degree in music, has studied art, and is a gifted seamstress? 

I left peanut butter out last night.  Daughter claims she hates peanut butter.  She doesn't hate it so much that she isn't willing to eat it straight out of the jar if I forget to lock it up. 

I'm going to do some cleaning today, and I'm also going to make some more centerpieces for the craft show at the church.  I have a centerpiece I made for Christmas several years ago.  One of the women saw it last year and informed me I needed to make more and sell them at the craft show.  I started making them this week, 3 1/2 weeks before the craft show.  They involve using a hot glue gun.  So far I've got blisters on the tips of two fingers and my thumb.  I am so talented-- I can burn fingers, set off alarms, forget important tasks, and complicate AA's day with one hand tied behind my back. 

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