Thursday, October 11, 2012

Taking a Toll

I have been fighting a virus for a couple of weeks.  Anytime I get over tired or over stressed, it gets worst.  I get a good night's sleep and slow down, and I feel better.  I slept 8 hours last night, but woke up coughing and blowing.  I decided not to go to my meeting this afternoon.  I also decided not to go hang out at the church during choir tonight. 

Today the family wanted to rewrite the Lord's Prayer for the Memorial Service.  I said no.  I offered to take it out of the service, but not rewrite it.  I'm told that there final version of the lyrics are full of grammatical errors.  They are not getting changed again.  The bulletin went to print before they could make any more changes. 

I received an email this afternoon from a member telling me how much she had appreciated the Memorial Service last month for the young person who died.  The part about unanswered prayers had spoken to her, and she was continuing to ponder it.  I quickly thanked her, telling her she'd made my day.  I told Administrative Assistant I was grateful, but couldn't help wondering if that meant the bad week isn't over....

Daughter has been lying to staff about her blood sugar, which has been running high.  She's been giving them numbers in the normal range.  I have to write an email about that yet tonight.  I told her she has to make a decision about Sunday.  I can see if the woman who sometimes provides transportation for her would be willing to take her home Sunday; she can stay through the memorial service (without complaining); or she can skip church this Sunday or go with her friends from the house.  I told her it's up to her.  It will be interesting to see what she decides. 

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