Monday, October 15, 2012


So yesterday one of the members was telling me how great the hymns had been yesterday, and how well they fit with the sermon.  He went to his small group last night, and they were complaining about how terrible the hymns had been.  He pointed out he had liked them, and that they had fit perfectly with the whole theme of the service.  The response?  "Words only matter in the sermon." 

That is one of the struggles of ministry.  It is impossible to please all the people, yet there are those in the church who expect us to do exactly that. 

Daughter is having problems at her house.  It sounds like staff is calling her on her bossiness.  Every time they call her on it, she calls or texts me, insisting I get her out of there immediately.  She does not appreciate it when I back up the staff.  I'm so glad she doesn't live with me anymore. 

In my ongoing pursuit of balance, I have decided that I will sleep in on Monday mornings.  I got up at 7:00 this morning instead of 5:00.  I think it will serve me well to start the week well-rested.  So far today has been productive, so the new strategy seems to be paying off. 

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