Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can't Win

A couple of weeks ago someone put a sign in front of the church stating that we don't care for our members who have health issues that keep them from coming to church.  We don't know where it came from, but I was concerned that someone had been hurt by the church, so we put an item, in the newsletter reminding people to let us know if they were in need of pastoral care, and if they initially declined it and then changed their minds they should let us know.  It also said that we don't read minds, and if they don't let us know, we can't minister to them.  The board decided we should include it in the bulletin every week.  So, we put it in the newsletter and it was in the bulletin today.  I just got an email asking that it be removed.  It offended people.  Sigh. 

For a while we were teaching new songs we introduced in worship.  Then people complained they didn't want us teaching new songs.  Today I was told people were complaining because there was a new song in the worship service and we didn't teach it to them.  I didn't even realize that we had a new song in worship this morning.  I thought the songs were all familiar. 

Christian Century has an article in the current issue about health problems in ministers.  This kind of conflicting demands contribute to the stress that takes a toll on our health. 

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