Monday, October 1, 2012

Daughter's Meeting

Last night Daughter called and told me she didn't want to continue at the workshop.  She claimed it wasn't for her.  She made similar comments in a phone call this morning.  It was an interesting meeting.  After much drama, she is staying, and we'll meet again in January to discuss increasing her days there.  Among the highlights:
  • Apparently one of the staff members has been verbally abusive and physically threatened another program participant.
  • A staff member at her house is telling Daughter that she should be living in an apartment on her own, and has questioned why I placed her in that house.
  • She'd been there 4 Mondays, but had only gotten one pay check for $2.50, so she wasn't experiencing any reward for her work.  When her second pay check was located and given to her, her entire attitude changed.
  • She is scared.  She is afraid she is going to be pushed to take on too much responsibility before she is ready.
  • The new manager of the program she attends 4 days a week is amazing.  Her background is as a therapist at a residential treatment center for children.  She said Daughter reminds her of the kids she saw there.  She was very good at drawing information out of Daughter, and was instrumental in helping Daughter tell the story of the staff member whose behavior so scares her. 
  • I'm getting Daughter some noise blocking head phones for her ipod so she can block out distractions, and I'm taking her shopping Thursday evening so she can spend the almost $11 she has earned so far. 
It was a good meeting, and Daughter and I were both happy at the end of it.   I'm especially pleased with the staff and their insights into Daughter and her needs/fears.  I'm glad we moved here-- it's been good for both of us.


Jane said...

It's truly astounding what some staff members will say. Lately, a staff person at Toots' RTF has been telling her that she should learn to drive. For starters, she is on a tremendous amount of psychotropic meds every day. For seconds, her impulse control can be so poor that we fear any rudeness from another driver could cause her to take that driver and herself out - for good.

L. and I wonder if the staff person intends to teach Toots herself, in her own vehicle. We have no intention of paying for lessons, teaching her ourselves, or letting her drive our cars.

We've spoken to Toots' social worker, to get the well-meaning staffer to cease and desist.

Let's all keep hanging in there.

Reverend Mom said...

I know these staff members mean well, but they sure can cause problems. They try to be encouraging, but are unable to see all the implications of their words. We keep hanging in. Staff members come and go, but we stick around.