Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making Up for Monday

When there were all the good things happening on Monday, I wondered what bad news was coming.  I thought God was giving me good stuff before trouble came along.  Today I think I got the answer.  Someone put a yard sign in front of the church saying we don't call, visit or care if you are handicapped and can't get to church.  It was disturbing, to say the least.  We aren't sure where it came from, but the most likely place is the family of a woman we have reached out to repeatedly.  I called, and she wouldn't answer.  I left messages, she wouldn't respond.  I wrote her a note, and finally connected with her.  We found someone to bring her to church, and she decided she didn't want to come.  She finally wrote us a letter telling us to leave her alone.  So, we did.  It bothers me that someone has been hurt by the church, and we don't know who or how to make things right. 

Then there is the memorial service this Sunday.  The family has modified the lyrics 4 or 5 times.  Today we had a disagreement in the number of verses in Amazing Grace.  They were insisting that 2 verses were 1.  Really?  You are going to tell me I don't know how the verses for Amazing Grace work?  One daughter kept insisting we were wrong until I informed her that every hymnal in the office had the verses the way we were telling her.  Then they wanted to see the bulletin, and decided we needed to make lots of changes.  We have 4 strong women who have perfectionist tendencies offering opinions on this, and it makes it challenging.  I told Administrative Assistant I feel another lunch to celebrate survival coming up for next week. 

Then there is the jazz band they are bringing into play the service.  I had our sound guy there Sunday to answer questions, but they didn't have anyone from the band.  Now the band wants to set up Saturday.  They don't seem to understand the time that volunteers are giving to this or the demands they are placing on them.  I offered 30 minutes Friday for the band to look at the space and the sound system.

To make up for it all, we had another great discussion at adult education this evening.  We're talking about important issues.  Such are the rewards and frustrations of ministry.  I'm supposed to go to a meeting tomorrow afternoon.  It will take about 5 hours out of my day.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get everything done. 

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